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September 24, 20191min read

Watch an angel investor grill Josh, asking all the important questions, so you don’t have to!

By Vampr

To our prospective and new investors alike,

This month has been nothing less than thrilling!

We have raised over $330,000, are about to close out our early bird round with only $57,000 remaining (read: invest now if you want the value of your security to be worth 10% more in the next few weeks!), and have been featured in many of the biggest music publications in the world.

Today’s update brings you a 30-minute video conversation between Josh and Brian Belley. Brian is an experienced angel investor who has a knack for drilling into the detail. Through his platform CrowdWise, Brian helps new and inexperienced investors navigate the busy and often confusing world of startups and early stage investing.

In this interview you’ll see him ask Josh the kinds of questions a seasoned angel investor might typically ask a founder. This interview was organized by Wefunder for your benefit, to help you better asses our offering.

Watch/listen to the conversation stream here:

Disclaimer: since this interview, Brian has committed to investing in Vampr 🤗

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