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Two women sit in chairs with radio mics in front of them as they conduct an on air interview.

May 17, 20234 mins read

How do I get an interview on the radio?

By Leesa

Want to get an interview on the radio, but have absolutely no idea how or where to start? We got you!

Radio interview

A radio interview is a conversation between a presenter and a guest, typically broadcast live or recorded for later broadcast. The interview may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via internet video conferencing tools. Radio interviews can be a powerful way to reach large audiences.

It is well worth the research and time spent if you manage to snag an interview on the radio. The number of new ears you may reach expands dramatically. All things considered, it is a great way to form relationships with the presenters at the radio stations. This could mean a higher chance of your new music being played in the future.

Where to begin?

You first need to figure out which radio station makes the most sense for your music. You may want to start with something more lowkey and local. Local stations are often looking to champion local artists so you will already have that edge.

Once you have figured out which radio station makes sense for you and your music, you need to do some research. You need to do a deeper dive into the programs that the radio station offers. There will often be a tab on the website that says ‘Programs’ and if you click this you will see a list of what the radio station broadcasts regularly. Do some hunting and determine a list of programs that fit with your genre and style. There is no point in hitting someone up about your indie pop music when they run a death metal program.

If you are having immense trouble finding individualized emails, you may need to try another tactic. Go to the contact page of the website and you will often find a specific email for interviews on the radio. You can email this person and include the list of programs that you think you are best suited to – this is helping them ultimately do their job!

Radio presenter contact

Once you have a list of programs that are relevant to your music and brand, you need to source the presenter’s emails. For local stations, these are often at the top of the page on their program run-downs. Once you have a list of names and emails, do a bit more research on their past shows and who else they have played. Have you perhaps collaborated or performed with any of those artists? Any commonalities you can pull at will be helpful!

Never send a mass email to different presenters. This is impersonal and generally a waste of time. What you can do, is curate an email and then adapt it to each presenter you communicate with. Always address them by their first name and ask them how they are doing. A compliment never goes astray – ” I love your show, I listen to it every week!” But, also do not send a long-winded email either. Most of these people are volunteers and only come in on certain days. This means they have limited time to check emails and plan their shows. So, get to the point quickly.

Be clear

You can elude to what you are asking for right away in the subject line. Something along the lines of “Interview request for Vampr”. Include all of the crucial things they need to know in your email. A short bio about your project as short as 70 words is ideal. It should give them a snapshot of what they can expect.

Another key point is to include a link to your music that doesn’t require a download. Most radio presenters will immediately dismiss your email if they are required to download anything. A private Soundcloud is a good option instead of this. Any key information about your track should be included like the release date, who it is inspired by, what your story behind it is, and if there is an accompanying event that needs promotion.

The more compelling your story is, the more likely they are to interview you. Make sure you don’t hide the meaning behind your song but rather bring it to the forefront. Radio presenters want something juicy to chat about on air so you need to dangle it in front of them!

Response time

If you hear back from a presenter, be sure that you respond quickly! These people have taken the time to listen and check you out and they want to interview you. Yay! You need to ensure you lock this in quickly as they are planning their programs weeks in advance. If you don’t take the spot quickly, other artists will! Try to be as flexible as you can be, especially when you get your first interview! If the only one you get is a program that starts at 5.30 am – make sure you set your alarm super early and get your butt there! In any case, this shows commitment and initiative on your end and the presenter will appreciate this.

In the event that you don’t get any responses, do a friendly follow-up and see if you can get a reply. If you don’t get any, don’t be disheartened! Perhaps you need to tweak your email, or the programmers were already all full up, or that station just isn’t a good fit for you. You only fail if you give up, so be persistent!

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