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Vampr Roadshow 2018

March 6, 20182 mins read

Vampr Roadshow 2018

By Vampr

Greetings everyone! We are proud to announce that, starting this month, Vampr will be heading out on the road. In our first ever tour of North America we will be hitting New York, San Jose and Los Angeles in order to spread awareness about Vampr and our goal of connecting all musicians everywhere.

To start, we will be hosting a networking event with Let’s All Build at LMHQ in New York on Friday March 23. We’re calling the evening SOUND SCREEN and in addition to networking will feature a panel with representatives from Building Beats, License Lounge and Underground Producers Alliance.

Next stop is San Jose on Sunday April 15, where we are co-presenting a Devin The Dude show at Back Bar SoFA. The show is on track to sell out — if you’re keen to come, make sure you purchase tickets well ahead of time. You will find us in a Vampr booth at the back of the room where we’ll be handing out swag including the famous Vampr guitar pick!

Finally, every Monday this May we will be presenting The Sunset Jam at The Viper Room. The Sunset Jam is a unique showcase event providing musicians in LA an environment to network in. Depending on the night you might mingle with record label reps, A&R scouts, producers, songwriters, musical directors or bands seeking musicians.

This first anouncement of events is only the tip of the iceberg for us. We look forward to guaging the response to each event so we can plan bigger and better events for the future. The ultimate goal here is to not only provide our community a place to congregate in a way that’s exciting and ephemeral, but to put a face to the technology that you have so magnificently embraced.

We would love to see every single one of you come out and get to know both other members of our community and members of the Vampr team. So much great music has already come out of Vampr and we’re betting that with events like these, we’ll start to see that much more.

EDIT: We have added a quick trans-pacific pit stop in Sydney, Australia on April 12 & 13, where will be presenting as part of the FastForward music conference.

For more information, visit the links below and secure your spot at the Vampr Roadshow today!

New York — Friday March 23 — 6pm —

Sydney (Australia) — Thursday April 12 & Friday April 13 — 1030am —

San Jose — Sunday April 15 — 8pm —

Los Angeles — Mondays in May — 730pm —

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