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October 20, 20224 mins read

Top 5 Vampr Community Spotlights – October

By Leesa

Killer tracks released by emerging musicians.

We want to pay homage to our incredible community. We have so many artists releasing insane music and living their best musical lives – we want to spotlight as many as possible!

If you’re in the mood for some ear food, go listen, follow, and like your fellow Vampr community members. 🙌

1. Amber Jay – Vampr Pro User

Amber Jay’s delicate emotive vocals and innovative production toys between alternative and bedroom pop, weaving amongst dark unearthly concepts and heartfelt lyrics. Her debut EP Never Too Far from a Dark Thought blends genres from the likes of electronica to alt-pop sounds to create her own atmospheric cinematic musical universe.

Her first single from the EP Pencilled Brims gained support from Huw Stephens at ​BBC introducing Radio 1,​ numerous plays on ​BBC Introducing ​Merseyside, and Spotify, who added it to their Fresh Finds Pop editorial playlist. Tastemakers such as Earmilk named her debut EP ‘golden’ ​and music that will ​‘bounce around in your brain for days.’

Listen to The House below:

2. Navarre – Vampr Pro User

Navarre is an independent rapper, songwriter, saxophonist, and recording artist from Longview, TX. His latest album The Lavender Theory was released in April 2022.
 Navarre is determined to claim his stake in the music industry and has begun building up his fan base with over 1,000 followers on Spotify.

He has already set plans in motion for his fifth project which will feature styles from different eras of music.
 Navarre was born on April 18, 1992, in Dallas and knew about his passion for music since attending his first Southern Baptist Church sermon.

The songs from the choir and the instrumentation from the musicians were enough to kindle the flame for what is Navarre. He traveled the world with the touring group Tops in Blue in 2012 as the lead alto saxophone player and has played in the Howard Theater in Washington, DC. It’s time he took to the booth and let his feelings out through lyrics.

Listen to Wrong Bricks below:

3. Justin Santos – Vampr Pro User

Born in Long Island, New York, and moved to Tampa Florida at the age of 10. Music has always been an influence in his life no matter where it came from. Genres such as Dancehall, Hip Hop, and RnB have influenced him heavily because of the artists those genres have produced.

Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Jon Bellion, Common, Raphael Saadiq, Mali Music, Jah Cure, and many more artists have influenced his music. He is a producer, artist, musician, writer, and composer. “Art inspires an artist to inspire others”. He uses the tools given to him to help paint the picture for his audience to enjoy and go with him on the journey.

“I just want art to be art again…remember when art was something that you would go out of your way to enjoy (museums, galleries, concerts, and plays) well I want that same effect in my music”.

Listen to Push a Little Harder below:

4. Andre Calloway

Eazy was born André Calloway in Chicago, Illinois. At the young age of 11, he began writing rap lyrics and recording songs with his uncle and mentor, Stanley (Smoove G) Shannon. By high school, at the age of 14, Eazy formed the rap group, Deep Souljas, with friends and fellow classmates. Throughout his teenage years, he learned the craft of music production and recorded his first indie album under the moniker Shorty Cee.

Upon graduating from high school, Eazy received a KORG Triton keyboard from his father as a graduation present and began to hone his skills as a music producer. He majored in Sound Engineering while attending Columbia College and later switched his focus to Audio Production when transferring to the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago where he became more knowledgeable in digital music production with programs such as FL Studio, Adobe Audition, Logic, and Pro Tools.

As Eazy progressed into his 20s he began to teach himself more engineering and mixing techniques. Today he is regarded by many as a highly talented songwriter/producer with his biggest accomplishment being a production placement on Kash Doll’s 2019 debut studio album Stacked producing the record “Cheap Shit.”

Listen to Daydreams below:

5. Giorgio De Palo

Giorgio is a multi-instrumentalist and self-producing musician and songwriter on a quest for diverse sounds and musical inspirations.

Born in Rome, he released his debut EP First Waves in Berlin in 2019. Living now in Lisbon alongside the nurturing sea, his music took on new tones, and his new EP A Spirit Will Rise⁠ is ready to step into the light.

Listen to Rails below:

Did you love what you heard? We did! Go and connect and say hi to these artists, they are all on Vampr and smashing it!

If you have music that’s ready for distribution or publishing, you can also submit it via Vampr! You never know, your next sync might be waiting for you around the corner. 👀

Submit your track to Vampr Publishing today >> Click here
Submit your track for Vampr Distribution today >> Click here

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