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May 20, 20172 mins read

Networking and Making Connections for Musicians

By Vampr

For any musician out there reading this, it’s common knowledge that tech innovation has made it easier to record and publish music, along with building a global fanbase, than it’s ever been and all for a fraction of what it once cost. Equally, technology has undermined the industry gatekeepers, who no longer get to decide who can have a career in music and what we get to record. Amen to all that!

But despite all these technological disruptions, one problem that technology has yet to fundamentally fix is how we find and connect with our fellow musicians on a local and global level. Vampr was created to do just that, aiming to help bring musicians together anywhere, any genre, any age, to play, listen and collaborate together.

Thankfully through the support of our ever growing community it’s off to a really good start. Literally tens of thousands of musicians, industry creatives and professionals have connected and started down the path of working together. Real opportunities are being created, friendships made and songs begun. Nevertheless, for all Vampr’s beautiful tech and opportunities within, it all still relies on the user making that first move, swiping right on someone they want to connect with. And we understand that for many people just starting out in music it can feel like one very big and bold swipe to make.

Which became the inspiration behind our Vampr Stories series. We thought we would try doing the swiping for them. We wanted to know if there were opportunities for anyone and everyone on the platform.

So throughout the month, we started hitting up various talented members of our community and asked them what they needed help with. We’ve only just begun but already can see that there really are opportunities out there just waiting behind the next swipe right…

Here’s a few examples of what we’ve been doing –

Steven, a Virginian producer with an R&B edge:

He needed a top-line writer/vocalist with “silky tones”. By week’s end we found him Elizabeth to work with, a fellow Vampr member from London, UK. Despite the 3000 mile gap, the two have since organized dates to start work on a brand new collab!

The following week we heard from Manny, a recording engineer with a studio on the Sunset Strip in LA:

He simply wanted to help develop a fledgling singer-songwriter. Enter Marcus:

Our hope is that by demonstrating not only the power of Vampr, but also the effort required in making stuff happen, that our community members will be guided by example in how to make that nerve-wracking first approach, and that the individual’s Vampr experience and thus overall community’s will benefit.

So go on, swipe right. You never know what you’re missing if you don’t.

Good luck ✌️️

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