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October 10, 20191min read

Capitol Records presents: CAPITOL ROYALE 2019 with exclusive Vampr discount code 🔥

By Vampr

Following on from the tremendous success of the inaugural Capitol Royale Hackathon last year, the festival is now back for 2019, bringing together creators, musicians, coders, startups & music fans to celebrate “Music on the Move”.

Capitol Music Group will host the second annual Capitol Royale on November 15-17th. The festival will once again take place at the legendary Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

Tickets are available here – make sure to enter the promo code FAF (all uppercase) on checkout to receive a 25% discount on purchase 😍🤗

Here’s a quick recap of last year’s event and a hint of what’s to come in 2019:

In addition to panel discussions, keynote addresses and networking mixers, the festival will feature a wide variety of musical artists performing throughout the weekend on multiple stages. Vinyl enthusiasts will enjoy the third instalment of Wax Record Fair, which will include a rare tour of Capitol Studios, a vinyl-themed panel discussion with industry insiders, food vendors, an on-site bar and a variety of artists on hand to DJ and sign records.

Participants in the Hackathon will have access to a catalog of approximately 40,000 pre-cleared audio streaming tracks. Twenty new apps were built at last year’s event, with more than $25,000 of prize money awarded!

Here’s a look back at how Vampr contributed to the inaugural Hackathon:

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