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November 5, 20192 mins read

What does a Senior VP of TeamViewer, and former VP and Senior Director of IBM and Sony Music…

By Vampr

This week we’re highlighting several more incredibly accomplished individuals who have recently backed Vampr, backed our vision, and invested through our Wefunder page.

Manfred Mueller


In September, TeamViewer scored the biggest European IPO of 2019. As a Senior Vice President of the market-leading remote support company, Manfred knows a thing or two about taking a product from its early stages to a public listing.

In Manfred’s own words, he says, “I was already following Vampr for quite a while. I love the approach, the simplicity and the scalability of the app. Beside my main job at TeamViewer I also work as an artist manager and talent scout for my own label — I know how important it is to find the right people to work with. When I heard of the possibility to invest in Vampr I didn’t have to think for too long.”

John R. Patrick


A former Vice President of Internet Technology at IBM, where he worked for 35 years. Writer of six books (yes, six). Fellow of the IEEE. Holds degrees in electrical engineering, management, law, and health administration. We also assume he gets rest from time to time!

And if all of that doesn’t sound accomplished enough, he has recently taken on the Executive Chairman role in startup Wifigen.

Frank Varrasso


Australia’s most in-demand radio plugger (*pluggers help get your music played on the radio). Frank launched his firm Varrasso PR in January 2009, and he recently took on the role of Radio Promotions Manager at Ditto Music. Prior to this he was the Senior Director of National Promotions and Publicity at Sony Music. He has also run promotions and publicity departments for numerous other record labels, including Warner Music, EMI, and Festival/Mushroom Records.

Over his 20 years in the music industry, Frank has worked with artists including P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Blur, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Beyonce, Neil Finn, Pete Murray, Kimbra and ZHU, to name but a few.

Frank added, “As a radio plugger I’ve always relied on word of mouth for business. Vampr both helps educate the next generation of artists that roles like mine exist, whilst also serving as a phenomenal multi-directional lead gen tool.”

We’re beyond thrilled to call each of these accomplished individuals our business partners and we’re positive the company will be richer in every sense with their involvement moving forward.

With over 700 investors now there are undoubtedly many more of you with skills, access and credentials that could benefit Vampr — we ask that you please let yourself be known and get in touch with us via email. Baz and I would love to chat ✌️

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