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March 18, 20211min read

Unlimited follows and more tips 🤫

By Vampr

The Vampr feed is still new but you can now control what you see more than before!

Here are our top tips to help you curate your feed experience:

Remove old connections


From now on, only people you accept a connection request from will appear in your feed.

Now is the perfect time to remove old connections with people where you’re just not feeling it.

To unfollow a person simply head to their deep profile and tap following.

New ways to discover


Swiping is so 2017! There are now multiple ways to discover new music and new people.

See who your connections are following or check out their followers.

Get lost down a rabbit hole and curate your own list of cool people to follow.

Follow more people


Don’t want to send a connection request?

You can now follow someone to stay up to date with them without sending a connection request.

Unlike connection requests, there’s no limit on how many people you can follow!

Add more artists!

We populate your feed with news articles based on your favorite artists. The more you add, the better your feed will be!

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