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April 20, 20222 mins read

Transforming Inspiration, Avoiding Imitation: How to Make Your Music Stand Out

By Vampr

What makes your sound unique? Is it the instruments you are using, the processors you are applying or the way you arrange your songs? Whether you are in a traditional rock band or you make EDM, there are various ways to distinguish your sound from the rest of the pack.

Every band is full of unique individuals and instead of trying to polish your sound to fit into a box, think of how you can bring your own distinct talent together to make something one-of-a-kind.

Read on for some advice on how to break away from the pack while knowing how to make unique music and create a unique sound!

Listen to Lots of Types of Music 

Lemmy from Motorhead loved The Beatles. Madonna loves Abba. Listening to your favorite bands can inspire you when you play your own music.

Listening to a wide range of music can help you understand what is possible. Maybe your rock song needs a jazz time signature or a folk song can take some inspiration from a dance track.

Open your mind, and listen to lots of music so that when you pick up your instrument, the world of possibility is available to you.

music social media app

Tap into your Personal Experiences 

The best writing comes when you write about something you know about. Tapping everyday experiences can be the best way to speak honestly and write a great song. There is a lot of originality when you tell your own story. Often it’s these personal yet universal songs that connect to a wider audience.

Explore Plugins 

Whether you are looking for a lo-fi retro analog sound or you want to add orchestral layers to a simple pop song, plugins are a great way to push the barriers of your sound. Explore plugin options and play around with them. Experimentation is key to seeing what is possible. 

Be Yourself

One mistake that bands sometimes make is trying to write songs that they think will work within a genre. While it can be a fun challenge to write a love song or a pop anthem, be sure to bring your own personality and sound to that format. It’s ok to mimic those that inspire you as a starting point, but take that approach and run with it. 

Get Inspired Through Other Artforms

Going to the movies or an art gallery can help your music. Taking in the storylines and colors and textures of a film or a painting may inspire creativity in your own work.

Whether you are inspired by the technique or the emotion that you experience in the other work, art forms are symbiotic and can be a great starting point to write a song. Ballad Of The Absent Mare by Leonard Cohen, 16 Shades of Blue by Tori Amos and An Architect’s Dream by Kate Bush were all inspired by different forms of art. 

Look for inspiration and different ideas in different media to help you know how to make unique music while creating a unique sound that breaks away from the pack.

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