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November 9, 20203 mins read

The Women Behind Vampr

By Vampr

When we last raised capital from the crowd, one of the questions that was rightly brought up was a lack of diversity across the Vampr team. It didn’t matter that we were working on a hiring diversity policy, or that many of our contractors (our non-full time workers) were women. The truth is we were sorely missing female leadership in the house and so we went about fixing it!

Today’s post shines the spotlight on some of our newer hires – the women behind Vampr! Each of these people and the decisions they make are instrumental in shaping the future of the platform and the company.

So without further ado, introducing…

Jessy Trengove
Head of Insights


Jessy is an Australian who calls Spain her second home after living there for over 5 years.

She got started in music tech from the tender age of 5, printing out pages of song lyrics from the internet and collating them into folders to distribute to her friends at school.

At heart, she’s a massive nerd (her words, not ours!) who likes eating hot chips, travelling and can recite more reggaeton lyrics than most Latinos.

Jessy’s mission is to ensure that our feedback loop is working correctly and we’re constantly learning with every change we make in the app. This involves deciding how we will measure the performance of new features and analysis work to extract valuable insights that we can feed into new ideas to keep improving the app. She also helps out with some marketing tasks.

Says Jessy, “I love the idea that Vampr can remove barriers to entry, help upcoming artists get their foot in the door and play a role in creating more diversity in the music industry. Tech and music both have the ability to connect us with other people in a powerful way and it has become particularly important this year to stay connected.”

Rose Nguyen
Project Manager


Rose comes from a background in online journalism. Working as a news specialist for Yahoo and then Media Product Manager for Line, she gradually fell in love with the software development industry.

At Vampr, Rose manages the work of the development team to make sure that both the tech is stable and that we hit new feature milestones on time.

She loves classical music, especially instrumental songs. Her most recent hobby has seen her taking up piano lessons with her daughter, despite Rose insisting she’s too old to start learning!

Tatiana Bonner
Head of Social


Tatiana grew up in Hawaii but currently lives in LA. Her friends call her Tot 🏝

With fifteen years experience in customer service and satisfaction, Tot tells us that social media and consumer outreach was a natural progression for her in her career path.

Thankfully she’s an incredibly social person, which is key in a role where most of her day is spent networking and helping out Vampr users, both on and off the platform. In her own words, “This position is really rewarding for me, especially in a time when we’re not meeting new people face to face.”

Tot loves music and is super passionate about discovering quirky new sounds – this skill is especially handy when scouting for our featured Pro artists each week!

Helen Nguyen
Website Developer


Helen has more than ten years experience in front end developing. She is experienced in all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React and Vue.

At Vampr, Helen takes care of our main website. She loves bringing the designs to life, with a passion for creating functional and user-friendly websites. She also loves music, so working at Vampr was a natural fit, where people can use tech to connect around music.

Trang Bui
Primary Tester

how to get a song published

Trang started in her testing role at Vampr about one year ago. She tells us she was born for this position!

Careful, patient and details oriented – everything you’d ever want in a tester whose job is to stay across all of the many app features. Trang is responsible for making sure every new release comes to you bug free 🐛

In Trang’s words, “Music has a unique ability to join people together like nothing else on earth. It’s my luck to work with Vampr, a place where we connect music lovers all around the world.”

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