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August 25, 20203 mins read

Do I need Vampr Pro?

By Vampr

Last updated: September 15, 2020

Vampr is the easiest to use, not to mention largest, social-professional network of fledgling creatives in the world. With the swipe of a finger you can connect with people in any country, grow your network and build your team.

But like any social network, as the size of the userbase grows it becomes harder and harder to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Creatives are also burdened with having to manage multiple profiles, accounts and subscriptions across too many websites – all so you can simply keep up with your peers. For example, you might have an account with CD Baby for distribution of your music, and another account with Songtradr to pitch for publishing opportunities. Sound familiar?

With Vampr Pro users can bypass both these pain points, saving time and creating endless opportunities in the process ⭐️

So what is Vampr Pro?

Vampr Pro is a low cost monthly subscription service that puts all the tools every artist needs to promote themselves and monetize their work right at your fingertips – all in one place.

Music distribution 🎵
The number one feature of Vampr Pro which has everyone talking is music distribution. Users are now able to deliver their music to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other leading Digital Service Providers while keeping 100% of their royalties. Learn more and log in to our Distribution Portal here!

More swipes and connections per day 📈
People love using Vampr to connect with others and share their portfolio. For people who use Vampr as a promotional tool, Vampr Pro lifts the limit on the number of connections per day from five to twenty while also raising the number of swipes per day to one hundred. This is a game changer for independent businesses who rely on Vampr for lead generation.

Want a bigger music industry network? Get Vampr Pro for as little as $2.99 a month now!

Search the world and collaborate remotely 🌏
While you can search globally on Vampr for free, with Vampr Pro you can pinpoint any city in the world and search specifically within your selected radius. This is great for touring musicians who need to find personnel in other cities and don’t want to deal with the expense of paying someone else to help solve problems. It’s also great for artists planning on moving to a new city and who don’t want to wait to get started with networking and connecting with their tribe.

Hide your age – perfect for businesses 🏠
Suppose you are a club venue, indie label, mastering company or even a working session musician – why should age matter? With Vampr Pro it no longer does! Hide your age and get back to the business of music – finding your next lead and generating new business.

Turn off ads 🛑
Let’s face it, no one likes ads! Now you can hide all advertising across Vampr products for as long as you remain a Vampr Pro member.

Get Vampr without ads.

Make your profile matter with unlimited tracks & videos 🤩
First impressions do count – and with Vampr Pro you’ll have unlimited chances to make that lasting impression count. Unlike regular Vampr accounts which are limited by the amount of content you can upload, Pro members can upload unlimited tracks and videos, with up to six profile images.

Unlimited rewinds
Gone are the days when you accidentally swipe left on a connection in Vampr or want to go back and check again on the people who match your discovery preferences. With Vampr Pro you can hit the undo button as many times as you like – never worry again about missing that perfect connection.

Hide your profile and search in stealth mode 🕵️‍♀️
Perfect for established businesses and professionals where the prospect of receiving thousands of new connections a day is not only daunting but impossible to manage. When you search in stealth mode, you will still be able to see and connect with others but will remain invisible in discovery mode.

Stand out from the crowd with the Pro badge Pro
We often get asked, how can you tell who is super serious about their craft on Vampr? With the Pro badge sitting proudly next to your name, people who come across your profile will know immediately that you are not here to waste time. Stand out and take the quality of your connections to the next level!

Get your Pro badge 😎

How much does Vampr Pro cost?

Get started today with a free 7-day trial. After the trial period ends, Vampr Pro is available for as little as $2.99/month with a 12 month subscription, or $3.99/month for six months. Alternatively you can sign up monthly for a low $4.99 (prices here are in USD and vary by currency).

Worldwide music distribution and unparalleled networking tools for less than the price of a coffee?! Sign me up!

Get Vampr Pro here today ✌️

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