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Artist One Sheet with text that reads "Tell everyone how great you are in just one page!"

January 26, 20234 mins read

One Sheet vs EPK – Which one do you need?

By Leesa

One sheet vs EPK. You’ve probably heard these terms a lot in the music industry. But what are they? What are there differences? Which one should I have? Let’s have a look!

What is a One Sheet?

A One Sheet is a marketing or promotional document that provides an overview of an artist or a band. It is typically a single-page document that includes information such as:

  • A high-res headshot or band image
  • A short bio
  • Career highlights
  • New and previous releases
  • Track listing
  • Images of music released, title, release date, list price, format, UPC, and barcode if available
  • Key Markets
  • Genre and RIYL (RIYL stands for “Recommended If You Like.” It is commonly used in music reviews and music promotion when describing a band or artist’s sound or style. It’s usually used to give readers an idea of the type of music they can expect and to suggest other similar acts.)
  • Press/publicity/management/booking/label contacts
  • Social and website links
  • Video and music links

What is an EPK?

An Electronic Press Kit or an EPK for short is an online collection of promotional materials that other professionals in the music industry can review. An EPK can include a variety of materials such as biographies, photographs, press releases, music samples, and other promotional materials.

Go and read our latest blog EPKs for artists explained to find out more details of what is included in an EPK.

Is a One sheet the same as an EPK?

Not necessarily, although they do have some similarities.

An EPK tends to be more comprehensive and includes promotional materials such as bio, photos, music samples, press releases, and so on, and it can have different formats (a website, a document, etc). A one-sheet could be a component of an EPK and normally is more concise.

It’s recommended to have both and use one or the other depending on the situation and who the recipient is.

One Sheet vs EPK

Let’s summarize the similarities and differences between one-sheets and EPKs.

One Sheet vs EPK: The similarities

There are quite a few similarities between these two promotional tools. Some of these include:

  • Bio
  • High-res press shot
  • Achievements/Career highlights
  • Links to your socials and website
  • Music examples
  • Music video examples

One Sheet vs EPK: The differences

Each of these promotional packages serves a different purpose. You may notice that an EPK is a folder of items or a long list of things that professionals in the industry will often use to promote a show you have locked in with them. Whether that is from a music venue, publicist, manager, or blogger’s perspective, having this bundle of approved assets that they can use at will to promote you is incredibly convenient and beneficial. Much better than emailing back and forth requesting different assets each time.

A One Sheet is more of a one-page brag. The idea is to only have a single page of succinct information – hence the name one-sheet. This is a better thing to send as a pitching tool in order to secure a gig, write-up, or whatever you are after. It literally highlights the most important parts of your career and tells everyone how great you are.

In comparison, an EPK is less “braggy” and more factual. It contains more details like metadata information. Examples of more detailed assets include lyrics, more detailed explanations of the songs, a longer bio, and often more than one high res photo option, etc.

Do I need both a One Sheet and an EPK?

Both would be great! As mentioned above, both have different uses. You should assess which tool is the most appropriate and will have the best effect in each given situation.

I might send a one-sheet to a venue booker first as an initial pitch so I can play my album launch there. After that has been locked in, I would send my full EPK to the organizer, a publicist, radio presenters, etc. See how both of these tools work in tandem with one another.

However, if you had to pick one – an EPK is an essential promotional tool that is necessary to be taken seriously and as a professional, as well as the most convenient way to store, organize and share your artist information.

Vampr EPKs

Did you know that your Vampr profile also doubles as a free EPK?! You’re welcome. You can use your Vampr profile as a landing page for your EPK and all you need to send industry professionals is your profile link – so easy! And more importantly, it’s FREE!

How does it work?

Once you create your profile in the app, a web profile is also automatically created. You can customize your profile in the app as usual, and add pictures, media, vamps, recordings, socials, etc. You can also change the order of the items on your profile in the app. These changes will automatically reflect on your web profile as well!

Use your Vampr profile as your professional EPK and send it directly to booking agents, publicists, headlining acts, press, and whoever else you might want to pitch to!

How do I find my Vampr EPK?

There are 2 ways to locate your Vampr EPK on the app.

  1. Go to Edit Profile and scroll down to Web Profile. You can tap the link to open it or tap the icon to copy the link to your web profile
  2. Head to your profile (View profile) and click the Share icon on the top right. You will see 3 options:  to either copy the link, view your web profile, and share it via email or social media platforms.It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can pull your handle and replace it on this link where it says handle:

For example, our Vampr CEO Josh has his own EPK at

What does it look like? Here is a little sneak peek… 👀

Artist EPK and One Sheet

Click on the image above to view Josh’s full Vampr EPK.
So, what are you waiting for? >> Go make your free Vampr EPK now!!

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