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Introducing Vampr Academy

April 27, 20221min read

🎓 Vampr Academy is here

By Vampr

For as long as the music industry has existed, hungry young artists have struggled to make a living and turn their passion into full-time careers. One of the fundamental missing links for this group is understanding the way the industry operates and how to make it work for themselves.

Today this all changes.

Introducing Vampr Academy 🎓

Vampr Academy Trailer

Vampr Academy is the go-to online music industry training where passion meets purpose.

Vampr Academy delivers world-class online lessons to help you develop your skills and advance your career.

What does Academy include?

With Vampr Academy you get:
  • Unlimited access to all the courses
  • Bite-sized practical video lessons delivered by internationally renowned instructors
  • Checklists, cheat sheets & case studies to help you apply the learnings straightaway
  • Q&A sessions with the instructors
  • Exclusive community of like-minded artists
  • Access to all Vampr Pro features
  • And much more
Vampr Academy will evolve over time and continue to offer new content in response to your ever-changing needs.

And the best part is the first three lessons are on the house 😎 Head to to sign up today!

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