Emanate x Vampr

August 22, 2018

Vampr, meet blockchain. Blockchain, say hi to 400,000 talented musicians.

We are excited to announce a joint venture, with Emanate, a new blockchain music network.

It’s been a long time in the making and for good reason too. I’m sure you’re no stranger to the hype surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain. And maybe you’ve heard about the volatility of these digital currencies too, with people either losing their life savings or alternatively, going to the moon and driving around in “lambos”. The truth invariably lies somewhere in between, after all this is a “frontier” technology and faces many of the same problems faced by the early days of the internet and the tech “bubble” that surrounded the explosion in digital technologies. Bad actors, unrealistic claims, lag between tech and real world infrastructure, and over-hype plagued that 80’s tech boom. But think also of the other side of that story, to those companies that harnessed the power of digital tech and created the biggest companies of today, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, to name but a few.

We believe that blockchain has the potential to solve some big problems for musicians in protecting their IP and monetising their creative endeavours outside of the centralised music system we currently have — whereby large labels and publishers hold all the power and too often stand as intermediaries between us and our audience or us and our money!

Enter Emanate. Emanate is an Australian company whose tech is built on EOS, undeniably one of the most powerful infrastructures for decentralized applications. Already Emanate is attracting significant attention, being featured in Forbes and Gizmodo and we know this is only the beginning.

Over time we believe that Emanate will make it easier for our users to see a financial reward for the time and effort that goes into their art, in the form of real-time royalty payments when their music is used or played, along with it being used as an in-app currency for Vampr users to boost their profile, unlock additional Pro features, and a suite of other cool stuff which is in the pipeline. More on that another day!

Last but not least, Emanate will also help financially support the Vampr ecosystem — as you know Vampr is free to use.

Now for the best bit, Vampr users keen to get in on the action are free to sign up at to claim the first of these coins for free.

In the meantime, know that despite the lack of updates over the last couple of months we have been busy nailing this particular partnership. Because this is the one that will provide the most value to you — as a member of the world’s most engaged professional music network.

Josh and Baz